Add AI to Your Enterprise

A New Way to Support your Customer Support

Introducing CABo

Experience Gena's AI-First Customer Support Interface
Customer Assistance Board

Better Understand Your Customers

CABo's client-centered metrics and suggestions help you address customers' needs. Model customer behavior based on their history all the while preserving their privacy.

Automate Simple Processes

Repetitive tasks? Our AI integrates with your services so you can skip the easy stuff. After some getting used to, we start automating your most common and predictable customer requests so you can focus on the more important tasks.

Customize Interfaces at Agent-Level

Everyone -- every agent -- has a different way of handling requests. We modularized our platform so users can mix & match and tailor fit it to their individual needs and preferences.

Expand into Asia

Asia-Pacific Expertise

Gena specializes in enterprise solutions in Asia-Pacific locales including South Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. Our expertise is in understanding the linguistic nuance as well as the differences across consumer cultures in these contexts.